3 dirt men with 3 drums y 3 guitars. the world only 3-1-man-band. completely crazy what these three
australians do. crazy but really cool rockin’. their look reminds me a bit to the LENINGRAD COWBOYS,
but their sound is far different. FasterLouder.com.au: “their valiant musical stylings were combined
with an assertive masculinity that had everyone bopping and drooling at their cheeky bad-boy appeal:
what else would you expect of a group called PUTA MADRE BROTHRES? Half traditional mariachi band,
half laughing lunatics!“ i really enjoy their music and above all the videos. their actual and #1 longplayer
is named QUESO Y COJONES, cheese and eggs. THREE MAN. NO MISSION …
pics | PUTA MADRE BROTHERS | vids | diff.

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