i found this prints at – you can buy them! and i love this style. looks like porous printing, like serigraphs. STEVE does not only illustrations, he is a really good comic artist, too. he says: “My portfolio is an assemblage of personal art,  collaboration,   as well as odds – and – ends which have happened along the way. I’ve been a painter and traditional artist for most of my life,  crossing over to computer graphics in the the early 90’s. Since then,  my focus has been on sequential story telling,  specifically as a means to express ideas which could not be so easily represented in a singular artwork. Until recently,  my main tool had been Adobe Illustrator,  but I’ve gradually started introducing Photoshop into my work. This software change was to gain a more expressive style,  approaching an outcome closer to drawing and painting,  rather than the more rigid method I used in Illustrator.” pics | Steve Morris

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