at the 19th of january i will see SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB the first time live. i own all their stuff. they sometimes remind me 16 HORSEPOWER, one of my absolute favorite bands since years. this is not a surprise because both bands come from denver, colorado, and JAY MUNLY (SCAC) joined with DAVIDE EUGENE EDWARDS (16HP) the band THE DENVER GENTLEMEN. SCAC’s music combines different styles like country blues, southern gospel, gothic, rockabilly, americana and alternative country, sometimes extrem dark. i am really excited how their show will be in the small DAS BETT club in FRANKFURT, germany. but next week on friday first i’ll see and hear RAMMSTEIN. heavy contrast: last weekend MAX RAABE, next friday germany’s most discussed and international germany’s most successful music export RAMMSTEIN – open minded! pics | SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB

sometimes it is a little bit CRAZY … love it …

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