visiting KLAUS two days ago to talk aboput a new ad for volls he showed me a new label: Dr.Collectors. directly from the box KLAUS gave me awesome BANDANA SCARFS. great idea by L.A. located brnad: “We have always been fascinated by vintage American clothing and collectors., After a Sunday at the Rose Bowl flea market looking for old bandanas, we arrived at home and opened the big bag of Bandanas and we started ordering them by color,  we suddenly had an idea: ​To ​sew the bandanas together to build a scarf Dr.Collectors. Although the scarves appeared still too new, we washed the scarf with a special process and carefully dried it under the California sun., This is how the scarves Dr.Collectors were born!” and they do much more than bandanas: check their site! pics | by LTG & Dr.Collector

my BANDANA scarf

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