150 pairs were produced and the boot got released last saturday the 10th @ all BLEND locations, west coast, usa. for this project TAK KATO, BLENDS CD, picked the CLASSIC 6″ ROUND TOE boots “to make them more casual. he chose to utilize a suede upper, a concept that has never been used on the 6” boots in the USA before. he used tonal stitches to keep the boots simple and reflect a more casual look. simplicity and minimalism are a key aspect of BLENDS design concept. In addition, he added the DNA of the classic Irish Setter sports boots by adding hooks at the top as opposed to eyelets all the way up. We set out to create a boot that works well for everybody, something that would match with a variety of styles from Americana to military, from workwear to biker. very nice look; i like the black suede leather. more information @ that bad working site: pics | BLENDS

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