these YUKETEN are exclusive made for LONDON based LN-CC. really strange. a mix of rockabilly style and a classic country moc. here some facts: “These Yuketen shoes are made from ethically sourced,  full grain black leather and leopard print pony hair. They fasten with a thick,  brown leather lace that passes through four metal eyelets and the moccasin toe is hand-stitched. The upper is sewn to a heavy,  black ‘Vibram’ wedge sole with sturdy treading,  and the shoes are fully lined with a natural coloured leather lining. The shoes also feature a hand-stitched leather insole embossed with the Yuketen logo.” i do not know if i like these mocs. without fail the shoes are eye catching, but i prefer the classic YUKETEN styles. paying 410 € this unique moc will be yours. pics | LN-CC

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