ok, i remember seeing this brand in different blogs last year, but just now i recognized the beauty of work wear and history inspired HANSEN brand. the upcoming SS 2012 collection is called “A ROAD LESS TRAVELLED”. very nice shots. funny, these “hard working men” on the pics are the designer’s AASE HANSEN’s uncle ANDERS and cousin RICHARD. norwegian photographer BENT RENÈ SYNNEVAG made this “RURAL SWEDEN” image campaign perfect. built on a foundation of 3 elements: nordic expression, nordic values and nordic traditions – the message of HANSEN is “SIMPLE,  HONEST AND DEMOCRATIC EVERYDAY WEAR WITH LONGEVITY“ and i think they do what they pronounce. more about the collection and the products you’ll find at HANSEN’s site: www.hansengarments.com and great after-the denim-blog … and sometimes the pics remind me the men playing in the TV production EMIL I LÖNNEBERGA from the 70s, and this is a compliment. i loved the stories from ASTRID  LINDGREN – really old school! pics | © HANSEN

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