i did not read or take a look at this, i think, interesting book. it was a hint from AKRAM c/o KLAR. he got ICONS OF MEN’S STYLE as a present. the author JOSH SIMS is a freelance style writer working f.ex. for GQ, WALLPAPER, i-D, THE INDEPENDENT and ESQUIRE. he is also author of different fashion books and contributor to several fashion books from TASCHEN verlag. the book has 192 pages, 264 illustrations and was published may 2011. here some contents from from the publisher: “Behind nearly every item in the modern male wardrobe is a ‘first of its kind’ – the definitive item,  often designed for specialist use on which all subsequent versions have been based. Icons of Men’s Style examines garment by garment the most important and famous of these products – their provenance and history the stories of their design the brand/company that started it all and how the item shaped the way men dress today.” sounds interesting. pics | Laurence King Publishing

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