since i am a child i love playing with CARRERA. my little sun has a track from the “GO!” series. a special ”DISNEY’S CAR” edition. but i think he is a bit to young. he prefers playing table football and with lego bricks. for me a CARRERA race track still means passion and emotion. i think the day will come when i race with my sun round per round through the living room … but look at this perfect track in a box. isn’t that a great idea? so awesome: and take a look at the details from other racetracks below. even skid marks are on the “road”. those tracks are built by american SLOT MODS: “Museum quality, hand crafted raceways for the ultimate garage, showroom, man cave or commercial interactive attraction.” unbelievable. check their site if you have an affection to raceway playing – it is an absolut must! fascinating! thx PeZi for the hint at where i found these blog pics. if you take a look at you’ll find countless pics from different racetracks and cars, informations about the builders and their clients. pics & vid | SLOT MODS

Slot Mods USA – Jim Farley’s Leguna Seca

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