welcome UWE, welcome AMTRAQ – DRY GOODS FOR SPECIALITY STORES. the new distributor AMTRAQ is based in FRANKFURT GERMANY. all brands produce their stuff in their own studios, workshops and factories in the USA and Italy. AMTRAQ puts together an appealing mix of clothing, accessories, luggage and objects. for more details about this new men’s & women’s clothing & accessory distribution check my next upcoming blog posts will present some labels which UWE c/o AMTRAQ will bring into selected european stores. some of these labels are – i tell the truth – really new for me, although i had to know …

one of my absolute favorites is DEHEN1920. before UWE told me about this label i did not know a lot about. okay i saw the VARSITY JACKETS at HICKOREES, but too expensive to order and so i did not check it anymore. DEHEN1920 is a family-run business based in portland, oregon, USA. they have specialized in production of mens, ladies and youngsters knitwear, sweaters, cardigans and jackets as well as woolen outerwear, varsity and baseball jackets. for over 90 years DEHEN1920 has supplied sports, cheerleader and team attire to schools teams, universities and organisations. they even made jackets for the cadets at the famous military academy of the U.S. army at westpoint. another successful product was the iconic motorcycle sweater made for bikers. i will show you just some impressions. for more facts jump to AMTRAQ. pics | DEHEN1920

DEHEN1920 factory in the 1940s


VARSITY CARDIGAN from the actual DEHEN1920 collectionthe 1970s

from the actual collection the so-called VARSITY V-NACK sweater 

MOTORCYCLE SWEATER “QUATER ZIP” the orriginal from the 1950s

 CLUB QUARTER ZIP from the actual collection


some impressions from the DEHEN1920 factory today

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