an awesome classic LINEMAN boot in my favorite RWS leather & color ORO RUSET PORTAGE. goodyear welt construction, lace-to-toe, 6 inch, traction tred sole – an iconic boot. i saw the brown #2933 lineman in FRED’s RW1905 blog. this one will be in the stores F/W 2012. maybe the whole RWS LINEMAN family is coming back to europe. hope so! pics | THREEWOOD, japan


  1. I've been wanting them for a long time… They are in a lot of Free&Easy mags and the Mono Workwear books and every time I just think \”WHY ON EARTH AREN'T THEY AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF JAPAN??\”The 2941 are available now – but the Oro Russet is probably the nicest.Thanks for allowing comments. I've read your blog for a VERY long time, and I've always wanted to say thank you for your good work.//Simon


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