ok, my FCK will go down to LIGA 2. this is a fact – a really sad one. i am a FCK fan since i can remember and believe me: “einmal lautern, immer lautern!” or in english “once a time a 1. fc kaiserslautern fan always a 1. fc kaiserslautern fan”. FCK means passion for life. BUT TODAY there is just one target: BVB BORUSSIA DORTMUND MUST BEAT the fc bayern munich, the “GROSSKUPFERTEN”. BVB coach KLOPP found the right words: “mia san mia vs WIR SIND FUSSBALL”. BOYS DO IT. hope to see an exciting match where the winner wears the yellow jerseys. beside FCK vs. F***ING werkself leverkusen i will watch parallel on a live stream.  pics |, LTG

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