i just got a mail from FRED c/o redwing1905 about these yesterday posted bandana leather rings. he sent me some pics (see below) of leather bandana rings made by MR. FREEDOM aka CHRISTOPHE LOIRON who has got most respect by me – for sure. he did similar rings times ago – i am really sorry, but i did not know this! respectful to your work CHRISTOPHE the HANDMADE BANDANA LEATHER RINGS post from yesterday has been deleted @ once. if the posted rings were not a copy but a new idea by PETER – ok –, but just the suspicion on copying is worse … LTG



  1. I'm not sure, if this guy is looking for advice on leather crafts, but I couldn't help but notice the horrible cracking of the leather at the fold.He should wet or rather soak his leather in water, before attempting to fold the leather. Especially when the leather is so thick. It all comes down to the leather being unable to stretch at the bend. But leather is much more flexible when it's wet.If he needs more help or has any questions, I'll gladly try to help him.Best regards Simon


  2. Hello, I wasn't aware of any of that going on 😉 I guess i missed the 1rst post.I am indeed no expert at leather crafting (nor with anything else) but this is how I made them, so that anyone can make their own:* Cut belt strips with two opposite angled ends that fit (somewhat flush) when joined.* Wet the leather and wrap the strip around a one inch metal tube.* Keep the ring in tubular shape by wrapping a flat elastic around.* Let dry over night.* Remove ring and glue biased cut ends together.* Polish finished ring.* Move on to next project 'cause those things are a pain to make 😉 http://www.misterfreedom.com/?p=2210


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