he guys, if anyone will find an #8118 in 9.5D please send me an email – QUICK! i am so sad, because i owned this boot 20 years ago and i sold it! what a mistake!! at this time i did not like the SUPER SOLE anymore, but today i love it – great look! phantastic. this #8118 i found on japanese LOSTANDFOUND site. it is sold. from 1990 in absolute perfect condition; for luck it was a 8.5D.  my wife has had the same boot: her first RED WING BOOT ever. bought at B-EBENE frankfurt, main, from KAMI. before, we were at the RED WING STORE frankfurt. at this time the shop was owned by a grumpy american and he just told us “Ick harbe no schuhs for frauen …” and send us away. when we were at home i impregnated the boots with a BLACK spray by mistake. with the first spray kick the toe was black – what a disaster! so i sprayed on the other boot the same dosage, took a sandpaper and rubed the boots off: after that they looked more than perfect. hm … long time ago …  pics | LOSTANDFOUND

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