another day with blue skies, a lot of sun and 30°C here in the heart of germany near frankfurt/main. again another day just sitting in the office; no sports today, there isn’t even time for a short run. beside my beloved cappuccino and espresso hot and on ice i have some absolute drink favorites for those days. with every dose of coffein i take some S.PELLEGRINO sparkle water – an italian classic. for me since years the best water ever. i hate water without sparkle and i hate water with too much sparkle – S.PELLEGRINO has the best balance and a perfect fresh tast. after sports i prefer ice cold alcohol free HEFEWEIZEN from ERDINGER or an ice cold COKE but just in the 0,33 ltr classic glass bootle. RIESLING UNPLUGGED from TESCH and GIN TONIC are my choice on hot summer nights when relaxing over the roof tops of darmstadt city. MONKEY 47 distilled in BLACK FOREST, germany, was “best in glass 2011” gin worldwide, IWSC london. this gin has the absolute perfect taste with tonic water. i never drank a better GT. all glasses are from RIEDEL – best choice! pics | LTG

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