he STEVEN W. thx for the nice iphone pics you send me last night! and this pics are not somewhere from TENNESSEE, MISSISSIPPI or ALABAMA, they are from somewhere at BERGSTRASSE in the middle of germany. damn fucking nice CHEVY C10, built in 1964 with a 320 PS machine – sorry, but STEVEN didn’t gave me more facts with the iphone pics. soooooooooooooooooo low. and i wrote that it would be a mission impossible to drive such a thing on german roads. okay this rugged beauty has red number plates, hm, maybe someone from german TÜV driving this car – a joke! strange, this is the second post about a low C10 in one week. STEVEN, maybe you can send me some more pics and informations about the owner of this awesome truck. and beside, your RED WING 8109 or 8138, i can’t identify because of your denim covering the bootleg – oxford or boot? – fits the rusty engine hood perfect. stay tuned STEVEN! and what’s about your boot collection? your portrait? … pics | Steven Weiland with iPhone

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