last weekend my little LEVI and me started our first big LEGO project: the T1 VW BULLY from 1962. 1332 bricks and pieces have to be sticked together and LEVI is so genius in doing that. damn, this set is for guys over 16 and he is so fast with his 6 years. i am looking for the bricks and checking if he is doing wright. and he is always – wondering!!! after about 4 hours we did a break and i think half of the bricks are built. next weekend we will finish. this makes a lot of fun; i loved playing LEGO as a boy too. pics | LTG

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  1. レイバンはブランドサングラスのカリスマとして知れている。ハイセンス且つ高機能性、どんなファッションにもピッタリ合っちゃう。こんなサングラスの中に、最も人気高いのがレイバン wayfarerシリーズ。オシャレ番長のキミに、是非オススメ!


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