some days ago i got a letter from the USA. hm, who should write me a letter from the states? indianapolis stamps? ahhhh, it was from my friend FRED who did a business trip to RW minnesota, chicago, boston … it’s so nice getting “real” handwritten post. i must always emphasize again and again – nowadays uncommon, nearly old school. he sent me greetings from TRURO, CAPE COD where great american artist EDWARD HOPPER has had his summer studio house on STEVENS WAY – beautiful location. FRED wrote me that he will bring a souvenir for me to germany. yesterday KLAUS from brought me a wonderful CHICAGO COFFEE CUP from INTELLIGENTSIA “fresh roasted coffee” which FRED gave him last week when he visited i got the cup because of the STARS on it. i love stars! look at the LIFE TIME GEAR sign above. thank you so much FRED. the cup is in use! pics | LTG

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