i am always looking for cool hats & rare caps. caps especially with my initials E and J or L for LIFE TIME GEAR. now i found a cap @ the EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS website: an old 1946 NEWARK EAGLES ballcap. great stuff – yesterday the cap arrived – no customs yeah! last year i bought three other flannel caps from EBBETS FIELD @ superdenim without any letters or graphics – i love these simple style. they are my most worn caps. the caps are made in the USA in the best quality a cap could be made – absolutely perfect! EFF needed just 5 days to send me the cap from SEATTLE without any express order or extra money. it’s a must to check their very well done website. beside the caps they have great AUTHENTIC FLANNEL BASEBALL SHIRTS – one is nicer than the other. it is the same to the different kind of jackets. pics | LTG & Ebbets Field Flannels

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