this is the newest but one of the oldest pieces of my collection. and the absolute best is that i got this awesome and rare two-tone SEARS boots from the 70s as a present from LIFE TIME GEAR blog fan DAVID VARNER. he wrote me a mail that the boots were on their way to germany as present because they didn’t fit him and he thought i would be happy to get them: YES I AM!!! damn, what a surprise i was really touched by the kind words DAVID wrote me. he is a great boot lover too and has a huge collection of work and hiking boots – a portrait will follow soon. DAVID is a 40 year-old locomotive engineer – on the picture aboard AMTRAK’s 40TH ANNIVERSARY TRAIN – and a former mensa member. prior working for the railroad he was employed in another traditional blue-collar job (automotive assembly-line worker) where the only boots that mattered were RED WINGS. he was always been driven by quality, good-design, lasting craftsmanship and value. these are some of the things LIFE TIME GEAR speaks about! thanks agin DAVID. still unbelievable. and DAVID the fit is perfect and i think i won’t customize them. they are great as they are. pics | LTG

year of buying | 2012 | it was a present 😉
deadstock never worn 
size | 9.5 D
height | 6 inch
leather | 2-tone green & black, full grain leather
pull loop | yes
top | rolled
sole | profiles SPECTRA VULCAN
bootleg | comfort lined
hardware | eyelets brass
laces | nylon
insole | leather with cushioned footbed
welt | leather welt
steel toe | NO
category | classic work boot
made in the USA pics | LTG

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