over the years i am collecting DISNEY figurines. every time when i went to DISNEYLAND PARIS i bought one of these precious pieces. but today they are hard to get. at the souvenir shops you just can get f***ing plastic shit without a soul. my DAGOBERT, DONALD, MICKEY, GOOFY, PLUTO and the PANZERKNACKER are made of ceramic. each piece is about 15 to 30 cm high. especially the PANZERKNACKER are really heavy – i think about 4 kg. i bought them on a flea market from a comic nerd nearly 15 years ago for more than 300 DEUTSCHE MARK. and i love this one; it is a special peice you can’t get anywhere anymore. DISNEY is with me since i can remember and with my son LEVI it is the same. he is 6 years young and went 3 times to PARIS to visit MICKEY & Co. in two weeks DONALD will complete my DISNEY tattoos on the right arm. pics | LTG

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  1. Hi from Australia, I really enjoyed your figurines and tats….and agree plastic sucks big time. Goofy is one of my fave Disney characters. I always enjoy your posts, quality in a plastic world.Cheers,Roger.


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