damn, a lot of work since i am back from spain finished my holidays. no time for the family, no time to visit my friends, no time for a cruise through the city, no time to talk to buddies, no time for nothing … my rare free time i just spent for running to get my head free for managing daily work! okay, friday afternoon i had some time to visit my buddy KLAUS @ volls.de. chaos! the shop was full – full of people AND full of a lot of new F/W stuff. there was no time to talk to KLAUS or his staff. so i just asked for some news to take some photos for LTG and KLAUS gave me the UNIVERSAL WORKS stuff which just came in on thursday. F***! amazing! i just own one piece from UW but i know all the last collections by the web very well and i like it so much. but seeing and touching KLAUS’ order by real was great. i took some fast and simple shots of vests, jackets and shirts to show you. i love this simple style and the materials the stuff is made of – the brand name is program: UNIVERSAL WORKS! details will follow later. stay tuned! pics | LTG

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