when i entered the stall of SEVEN FOOT COWBOY at B&B 2012 there were just a few seconds to change business cards with the staff and the promise to come back the next day. the stall was looking great, an eye catcher for some one like me who loves cowboy style and the old american west. but the day after i couldn’t manage to go again there and so i was very happy that CLAIRE sent me some informations via mail – thx for that! because it would be a pity not tell all the people about this young creative british brand. here just some short informations, for more visit . all jeans are manufactured in lancashire, england, from premium japanese denim. every pair is designed with a looser stitched curved seam along the seat. the “HUSSAR YOKE” sewn with variable tension construction gives a little ease making the jeans more comfortable to wear. check the video below “making jeans”. there are seven styles and i like especially the “MAVERICK”. the other styles are really special and unusual in their design but always with an old school western attitude. there is even some denim and a skirt for the girls. exciting to see, which way the SEVEN FOOT COWBOYS will go … pics & vid | SEVEN FOOT COWBOY, pokit

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