yesterday i did the same i always try to do on a friday afternoons: just for one hour, if i have the opportunity, gladly for more than just one fucking hour i visit my buddy KLAUS @ talking about the important things the last week happened and discussing the new stuff that came in. so it happened yesterday. there was a bit more than one hour but there was no time to talk because of the high customer frequence. maybe i should plan my visits for friday mornings at 08:00 am. but i could take a look at the new NIGEL CABOURN collection KLAUS ordered and some other nice stuff like the new BIRKENSTOCK “ BOSTON”, some new RED WING BOOTS. the IRON RANGER BROGUES, the #8196 and the 2940 arrived! and i must tell you that the BOSTONS are really great. myself i won tow pairs since a long time and they look pretty cool with some rugged denim and shirts. so i saw them BRETT VIBERG wearing and the guys from MERZ B. SCHWANEN @ BREAD & BUTTER this summer. a really cool and comfortable alternative to “un-booty” days. i think KLAUS will launch his online shop soon. pics | LTG


  1. The 2940 reminded me of an older post with the 2940 together with a pair of 8125. These two models are my favorites. Is it possible to get an update of that post? I really would like to see them worn in.Thanks! /Johan, Sweden


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