this is what THE CULT says about the video: Shot in New York City by Rick Rogers (Prelude To Ruins) in a highly cinematic style, lead singer Ian Astbury says the new clip reveals a “desperate descent into a fractured psyche,” and the “Honey From A Knife” song title was inspired by the Buddhist precept:, “Wealth and beauty, to a man who will not relinquish them, are like a knife covered with honey which, even before he has had the pleasure of eating the honey, cuts the tongue of the child that licks it”

the song is from the actual album CHOICE OF WEAPON. it is okay but for me not the best song of THE CULT and this album. but hearing and watching the video i enjoy it. below a live version of this song.
IAN i love your voice! THE CULT – LIFE TIME HEAR
pic & videos | THE CULT


  1. hi COLBY, i think the idea for the costume was not stolen – this is just my opinion, i do not know for sure. but IAN, singer of cult, was running away in such stuff already 20 years ago. this costume seems to be just another tribute to the american natives the indians. IAN has a big affinity to these folks.


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