every year at 9|11 it is the same. i am not american, i did not loose friends or even someone of my family but i am still brutal shocked by the disaster happened on this tuesday 11 years ago. i know everything i did on this memorable day. from being a child on i am a great fan of the states, of NYC, of this wonderful country, of the people, of such a lot of things that belong to the states. i do not like everything, indeed not, but i love a lot! because of the shocking and unbelievable things that happened, i began to research the backgrounds and the history of 9/11 reading a lot of books. books about the official facts, books about conspiracy, about the political circumstances at this time in the states and books about the luck and cruel fate of people, photo books … a nice and silent book often watch at is ONE NATION by LIFE – a recommendation. and i am the opinion after absorbing all these informations that something must went wrong before 9/11, at 9/11 and after. but this is a secret and a mystery that maybe never will be cleared. so all my thoughts are with the people who died in the TWIN TOWERS, the PENTAGON and SHANKSVILLE and with their families. pics | LTG

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