since my son LEVI is born i do every 2 years a big order CARHARTT FOR KIDS at DUNGAREES.NET. great stuff and not only because of good simple old school looking but because of the durability. LEVI is a boy who loves being outdoor and playing in the dirt without any attention if his wear gets dirty or even broken in. we have CARHARTT FOR KIDS shirts and sweat shirt jackets which are 4 years old and they still look perfect and good. and the best is, that you get this stuff for a really good price in the states. in europe you have no chance to buy CFK – no way. so this morning i went to the customs to get LEVI’s CFK order out. i bought some denim, dungarees – they are en detail like the ones for adults, uncommon size … – shirts for next summer and sweater. the most exciting piece is LEVI’s new fall and spring RANCHER JACKET in cobalt blue. quilted flannel lined and so smooth. i think, he will love it. check DUNGAREES.NET. CFK starts with baby sizes! pics | LTG


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