although i have a beard, at the moment a large one, a good day for me starts with a comfortable and accurate shave. of course classic: with a knife, a brush and a shaving soap. but i must admit that i am not so hardcore with my razor like others. i use a knife with changeable blades from TONDEO. and i must tell you even with this COMFORT CUT called blades i left some marks over the years. i am not brave enough to test a razor which i sharp myself with a strop. how do i know that it got blunt? when blood runs over my throat? hm, i would like to use, because you can get so awesome razor knives and the sharpen procedure is certainly something special. i think i must ask a specialist for details, maybe ALEX from because blog is an expert on razor shaving because he linked some very interesting sites on his blog site like . i will meet him the upcoming weekend in frankfurt. a great combo is the WHISKEY SHAVE SOAP from PORTLAND GENERAL STORE with the corresponding eau de toilette. smells like a pure smooth bourbon – so awesome in the morning. and one of my best buys this year is the BAXTER OF CALIFORMIA TRAVEL SHAVING BRUSH. genius idea. wow, when i used this piece for the first time it smelled so for badger and animal … boooaaah. but so i knew it was not a fake.  pics | LTG

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  1. I can relate to your notion of a classic shave…..and I also have a full beard at present. However my nephew uses a classic blade and has done for some years. Recently he was in Italy and attended a maestro's studio near Bologna I think it was, he got to see fine blades being made. He brought one home and was given a generous discount by the master. My nephew has quite a collection.


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