what do you think? the same as me? looks better now, anyway another look – for me a complete other shoe. very nice, i like this. thx RON for animating – good idea. i am exciting how the 8105 will look when the mink oil got completely absorbed by the suede leather. pics | LTG


  1. How do these shoes look now once they have been worn a bit I am curious as i have some suede Red Wings which they say are waterproof suede but unsure so thought about oiling them. Do you think it has helped with water resistance in any way?Thank


  2. Great shoes, I just found a pair in my size that was -50% off at my local Red Wing dealer and I couldn’t resist! The colour never really tempted me when I saw pictures online but in real life they’re stunning. And like the above poster I would also like to know how these \”minked\” RW's turned out to be? Did the colour get any lighter after they dried up?


  3. Nice, i'd be interested to see how these Red Wings look now. I'm thinking of applying mink oil to a pair of suede boots. Cheers from Manchester UK.


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