another birthday present i got last week was this small emblem, sign or call it as you like from KAMI c/o RED WING STORE FRANKFURT. a great gift because you can’t buy it yet. he told me that he got it from NIGEL CABOURN himself at BREAD & BUTTER this january. all members of NIGEL’s crew wore this nice beautiful sign. it’s meaning? i do not exactly. the small piece of metal looking like a crown is the symbol you saw on my TRAVELLER’S NOTEBOOK ARMY EDITION from the NIGEL x MIDORI collaboration. it is the british broad arrow military symbol which was used during WWII to symbolise government ownership of the product. some guys told me that the rolled up piece is derived from something that has to do with the british submarine navy in WWII. i couldn’t find anything about this searching really intensive the web. but it’s from NIGEL and that’s enough i have to know as a great NC fan. thank you KAMI for this special gift. the BRASS ballpoint pen is in heavy use too! i tried the sign on some of my NC pieces and it fits.  pics | LTG | people FRED c/o

in use! photos by Fred c/o

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