before it’s getting boring, here is the last post about a birthday present to me. it’s time to finish! KLAUS c/o gave me this great present: DEPECHE MODE LIVE 2013 in frankfurt, germany. maybe some of you call me crazy because of my music taste, the different styles i like. but it’s the same with life, the moods, the feelings … sometimes i like to hear STEVE EARLE or TOWNES VAN ZANDT, 2 hours later i prefer D:A:D and in the afternoon SLAYER and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. and before ending an office day DPECHE MODE. it is like it is … i hate standing still, always living, doing or hearing the same things, like a conditioned scheme. DM i hear more than 30 years. they are one of my absolute favorite bands. i love the voice of DAVE GAHAN. i love the sounds. and i love the new album DELTA MACHINE. i read this headline over a review of the new album and it is perfect: “delta blues meets man machine”. thx KLAUS to join this great party in FFM with you! pics & vids | © DEPECHE MODE

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