thx ALEX from great be-cause-blog for posting the pics of the AUDI 100 COUPE S from 1973. this car will be sold by ALLTAGSKLASSIKER. if i would have 13.000 euros “play-money” i would buy this beauty at once. it remains me so much of the 70ies when i drove in this car through my hometown with my dad who was selling AUDI at these days. i felt like the king of the road. the 100 COUPÉ was really rare even 30 years ago. today this model reminds me as an inspiration for the actual AUDI A7 SPORTSBACK. but what’s about the spirit? nowadays AUDIS look so similar A5 SPORTSBACK, A7 SPORTSBACK, A6 or A4? damn, where is the individuality? f***ing uniform, standard chassis. look at the 100 COUPÉ: this one was really exotic and something special for its time. pics | alltagsklassiker & different sources from the www 

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