wow, never hear about that collaboration before i got some hot news from the RWS central europe: “ “Stetson and Red Wing are bringing their shared American Heritage sensibility to a fashion collection of headwear for this fall in selected stores. � Both Stetson hats and Red Wing boots were born in American and have become best sellers across the world. Stetson and Red Wing are very proud that their first collaboration will debut now in selected stores.The collection includes 4 styles that all incorporate Red Wing boot leathers into the hats. There are two eight-panel or newsboy styles – one all leather cap and one stitched from a dark sporting plaid with a leather brim.The third style is a fur trapper using the sporting plaid and chocolate leather trimmed with the softest rabbit fur. Further, there is a classic Marlon Brando cap, made of original Red Wing leather. Beyond the materials and design, both companies have a style that celebrates quality and craftsmanship.”  pics | Red Wing Heritage Europe

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