here you can see my knife collection, small but fine, and the main thing is: practicable! from left to right (pic above): an OTTER MERCATOR knife called “KATZE”, engl. cat, beside the one with the anchor is another OTTER knife – a classic pocketknife, an OTTER iconic! both knives are about 20 €. best stuff made in germany for best price. the one in the middle is a classic BUCK KNIFE called “RANGER 112“ made in the usa – another iconic piece. the small one beside is german knife from famous HERBERTZ called the “EINHANDMESSER” (one hand knife) with a belt clip. this one was a present from OLLI “THE BARBER”. the knife on the left is my only high-tech piece. it’s from BUCK KNIVES and really lightweight; a sort of tactical knife. especially the OTTER and the HERBERTZ knives i carry with me everyday. bad pics | LTG

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