I own a lot of knives but not such a nice combination: The ONDURA pocketknife with its so well done pancake holster – an absolute must have for men loving knives, collecting knives … The knife is a simple classic German pocketknife, which was developed and produced by famous OTTER-Messer Company in Solingen/Germany. For ONDURA it was really important to get a knife which is made complete traditionally here in Germany. The blade length is 100 mm and made of carbon steel. For safety reasons it is fitted with a backlock. The handles are so nice to touch – in German we call this a “Handschmeichler” –, these are made from olive wood with a nice texture. The brass ONDURA bear in the inlay is not just nice to watch: the bear on the knife and the bear on the holster must be covered by each other – there is only one way to put the knife into the holster: bear over bear. This works perfect! The “pancake” holster is made of two 4mm thick vegetal tanned leather layers  It is clued, sewed and riveted, mould and decorated with the ONDURA bear branding. The edges are brushed and polished. ONDURA offers also the perfect belt for the holster, the Workman Belt in tan. But I think it fits my vintage DUKES belt as good … Now the holster must age in daily use … exciting about the look it will get. Guys, this must be one thing written to your x-mas list – time is running 😉 pics | LTG



this post is dedicated to the biggest ANCHOR collector i suppose: DON SCHWEDE c/o THE LAST DON blog. me i like the anchor motive since years, too, from bandanas over shirts to a tattoo. pics | LTG

Reyn Spooner Hawaiin Shirt, MADE IN HAWAII

Dukes Belt from the Paul Harbor Collection 2012

Bandana from a Souvenir stand somewhere at North Sea, Germany

Signed Tattoo Book by Herbert Hoffmann

Sailor Hat by Brixton

Shirt by FAT BOY CLOTHING – i love this stuff!

Heavy Anchor by Werkstatt|München 

New York Anchor Shirt by CXXVI Clothing Company

Bundeswehr Marine Ring by Bodensee-Schmiede

Handknoted Anchor by an Old Sailor – a present from Olli The Barber

Right Armbed Tattoo Anchor & Levi by BASTI c/o INKSIDE not finished yet …



here you can see my knife collection, small but fine, and the main thing is: practicable! from left to right (pic above): an OTTER MERCATOR knife called “KATZE”, engl. cat, beside the one with the anchor is another OTTER knife – a classic pocketknife, an OTTER iconic! both knives are about 20 €. best stuff made in germany for best price. the one in the middle is a classic BUCK KNIFE called “RANGER 112“ made in the usa – another iconic piece. the small one beside is german knife from famous HERBERTZ called the “EINHANDMESSER” (one hand knife) with a belt clip. this one was a present from OLLI “THE BARBER”. the knife on the left is my only high-tech piece. it’s from BUCK KNIVES and really lightweight; a sort of tactical knife. especially the OTTER and the HERBERTZ knives i carry with me everyday. bad pics | LTG