wow, 2011 is nearly finished, the last day is running by. i will close this year with a curios boot combo from the great and a bit crazy MARK McNAIRY i never saw before: a SADDLE CHUKKA BOOT. i am not really a chukka fan, but i call a classic VIBERG CHUKKA my own and that’s enough. it is the same with BUCKs. you can find a classic brogue from McNAIRY in my cupboard and that’s all. but this crazy combo McNAIRY did with UK’s x SANDERS & SANDERS offered by great UNION shop in los angeles is really a must-have. UNION says: “.. honestly speaking, this was another style that Mark had already made up. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Camel suede chukka boot with a brown leather saddle. Beautiful.” yep, awesome! check their site, they have other never seen before amazing McNAIRY styles. pics | UNION 

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