Hi guys, RWS news will not end this autumn. Today the WORK CHUKKA #3148 was launched. In 2010 The Red Wing Shoe Company developed the WORK CHUKKA in black just for the Japanese market. The BLACK CHROME leather of the #3148 is also used on this really tough and rugged Red Wing Engineer #2268. The weight of the leather is HHH, what means that it is about 2.2-2.4 mm thick. This the thickest leather Red Wing Heritage uses for their boots. The #3148 is the 5th WORK CHUKKA style.

Something about the history of the WORK CHUKKAS RWS tells us: “Unlike other Red Wing boots, the chukka was designed for lighter, indoor work that includes bending, climbing and kneeling. Their crepe outsoles allowed these indoor workers to stay comfortable, while not scratching floors or making a mess. From the late 1950s and ‘60s, American fashion style became more rough and casual. actual work denim work wear became one of the fashion trends. The casual trend was also had an effect on the work wear and boots. Ankle height work boots and Chukka work boots where developed and introduced to follow this casual trend. At same time The Red Wing Shoe Compagny started to use the cushion crepe wedge sole for several work boots styles. The functional and novel outsole was incorporated in the Chukka that  was a new work boot at the time. The root of current chukka style #850 was also launched around the same time in 1954. The work chukka was worn mainly in lighter work or in the weekends for leisure and light outdoor activitys.”

The black #3148 and all the other CHUKKA styles are available @ RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT online or in-store. pics | Red Wing Heritage


KLAUS from gave me a call that the new ALDEN order has just arrived. all new ALDEN boots got a VOLLS print inside. very nice and i would be proud of it … and i think KLAUS is. he got 6 new different style exclusively made for VOLLS.  all in different shapes, leathers, color combinations but all with leather soles. my favorites are the beige colored, doubled soled INDY BOOT, the tan suede PLAIN TOE BOOT and the tan CHUKKA – very nice, smart but cool and best crafted – ALDEN. pics | LTG


yesterday i visited KLAUS c/o it was time to pick up some stuff which was reserved for me since weeks. there wasn’t any time before: because of working, working and working … when i entered the shop i saw a line of new YUKETEN shoes and boots. wonderful, timeless classics: different styles and color-ways of MAINE GUIDE CHUKKAS and ANGLER MOCS. my favorite is the suede chestnut brown ANGLER MOC HEX EYE. for me a hybrid between a classic oxford and a boat-shoe – great look! for more information about the new stuff enter the YUKETEN site @ i never slipped into a boot without socks and felt so comfortable as in the ANGLER MOC. i told you: an absolute perfect summer shoe. pics |, LTG


he guys yet another new boot style from RED WINGS SHOES: the WORK BOOT CHUKKA #3149. not my cup of tea, but i think a lot of you will like it. i am not a chukka lover nor from RWS neither VIBERG or another boot maker. this is what RED WING HERITAGE EUROPE says about this chukka: “The Work Chukka earned its name and reputation in the 60’s, when these boots were crafted as a shoe for lighter duty work as an alternative to Red Wing’s heavy duty work boots. In most cases they were used for inside work like carpentry. While needed their boots to be sturdy,  they also needed to be light and flexible to accommodate the bending, climbing and kneeling which their work day required. As it has always been with Red Wing products, no compromises were made on the materials used to build this boot. Red Wing’s Olive Mohave Roughout leather was originally designed for US Marine footwear by Red Wing’s leather tanners. Roughout leather is used in shoes with the outer, smooth grain side and inner,  fluffed,  fresh sides reversed. When used in outdoor environments with gravel and ordinary shoes with the grain side outside tend to sustain damage to the leather surface. Valued for its strength,  flexibility and water resistant features, Red Wing Heritage is now incorporating this leather in their Heritage collection.” i think a RWS chukka will be the first boot for my little LEVI when his feet are large enough … pics | © RED WING HERITAGE EUROPE


today a really exotic looking and extraordinary RUSSELL MOCCASIN CHUKKA in a rich green suede combined with smart sand colored suede leather. the style is named SPORTING CLAYS CHUKKA. RM build this boot in many different versions in point of leathers and soles. it is an iconic RUSSEL chukka boot, for sure made in the USA. this one has a black vibram # 2060 sole combined with these 2 different colored suede leathers – really cool and tough! i like it. maybe not for wearing everyday, but i like it. found at japanese VECK store. pics | VECK


sorry, damn, when i saw these f**ing boots the first time i asked me why don’t they have a red wing cushion crepe sole. that’s normal when RWS does a collab in a CHUKKA boot or something similar. and where is the RWS brand type? just a few minutes ago i got a mail from someone who knows nearly everything about RWS, informations from an absolute reliable source. he told me: “This boot doesn’t have a RW handwriting judging it by looking at the triple stitch and the heel counter stitching quality and placement…this seems more like a RW wannabe /  look alike –  200% sure” thx DE!

never heard before about this collaboration. and no more infos than this pics. looks like a massive 3 eyelet traditional WORK CHUKKA with a bright white VIBRAM #2021 sole. 3 colours available. where to buy or to get more infos? i do not know. check it at BEE – maybe you’ll find a link. i did not, but i like the look, although i do not like chukkas so much. pics | BEE


wow, 2011 is nearly finished, the last day is running by. i will close this year with a curios boot combo from the great and a bit crazy MARK McNAIRY i never saw before: a SADDLE CHUKKA BOOT. i am not really a chukka fan, but i call a classic VIBERG CHUKKA my own and that’s enough. it is the same with BUCKs. you can find a classic brogue from McNAIRY in my cupboard and that’s all. but this crazy combo McNAIRY did with UK’s x SANDERS & SANDERS offered by great UNION shop in los angeles is really a must-have. UNION says: “.. honestly speaking, this was another style that Mark had already made up. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Camel suede chukka boot with a brown leather saddle. Beautiful.” yep, awesome! check their site, they have other never seen before amazing McNAIRY styles. pics | UNION