sorry, damn, when i saw these f**ing boots the first time i asked me why don’t they have a red wing cushion crepe sole. that’s normal when RWS does a collab in a CHUKKA boot or something similar. and where is the RWS brand type? just a few minutes ago i got a mail from someone who knows nearly everything about RWS, informations from an absolute reliable source. he told me: “This boot doesn’t have a RW handwriting judging it by looking at the triple stitch and the heel counter stitching quality and placement…this seems more like a RW wannabe /  look alike –  200% sure” thx DE!

never heard before about this collaboration. and no more infos than this pics. looks like a massive 3 eyelet traditional WORK CHUKKA with a bright white VIBRAM #2021 sole. 3 colours available. where to buy or to get more infos? i do not know. check it at BEE – maybe you’ll find a link. i did not, but i like the look, although i do not like chukkas so much. pics | BEE

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