yet another company distributed by UWE’s AMTRAQ: Sportswear reg. A young italian company, born in 2008, influenced by used american apparel from gyms, military and workwear – from the 30s to the early 80s. i did not see anything live but the stuff on the pics UWE sent me looks really authentic with a lot of love for details – i like this style very much. all pieces are produced with original fabrics and prints; the labels and hangtags are hand stamped. and very special – good idea, because i love limited stuff: every season there will be 1 shirt und 2 t-shirts hand-painted, delivered in a special box – strictly limited. exciting. UWE, the LAMBCHOP cards are stored in my cupboard. hope to see your showroom before the gig. pics | AMTRAQ

handpainted shirt

 the classic “V”-sweatshirt

 headquarter in ROMA

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