unbelievable but true: this ‘STANG is made of paper by genius artist JONATHAN BRAND. the project is called “ONE PIECE AT A TIME” as an od to the JOHNNY CASH song about a detroit assembly line worker who dreams of someday owning one of the CADILLAC’s he assembles and decides to steal one, one piece at a time and reassemble it. Some possessions prove sentimental and priceless,  and having to give them up doesn’t bear thinking about.

BRAND had to sell his beloved FORD MUSTANG to buy a diamond engagement ring. although he sold the car he didn’t give up on the idea of owning a MUSTANG and instead set out to make his own. out of paper. the result is one of the most innovative pieces of artwork around. BRAND, who decided that a home-made FORD MUSTANG would be better than no FORD MUSTANG, while still providing enough cash to buy a diamond ring. BRAND’s replica is a full-sized model and it’s made entirely out of paper,  and printed using an inkjet printer. every detail – from the wings,  to the bonnet,  to the wheels – even the inside of the car,  including the seats and doors – are made out of the stuff. BRAND has also constructed a paper engine for his MUSTANG, showing off an incredible attention to detail. according to BRAND the car was made using a mixture of old photographs and memories with no access to dimensions or technical drawings making the details even more incredible. BRAND describes the process as a 3D jigsaw,  “I then cut, fold and glue these numbered and labeled shapes together much like a complicated three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle”. for more infos and check BRAND’s site – it will be worthwhile! such a great work, by a unique artist! love it! and if you look at the pics never forget that all pieces are made of PAPER – just of paper … pics | by Laura DeSantis-Olsson | text extracts from HUMAN INVENT

the sold 1969 MUSTANG

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