it’s a funny idea. okay some photoshop touch-ups work better than an other – but i like this pics! tattoo artist CHEYENNE RANDALL shows a lot of more of this @ his SHOPPED TATTOOS. have fun! pics & copyrights | CHEYENNE RANDALL


damn, a lot of famous actors: Leonardo Di Caprio, Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, James Russo, Kerry Wahsington …! seems to be entertaining – seems to be a typical TARANTINO. and i can hear JOHNNY CASH. BUTwe all must wait till christmas 2012. vid | fandangomovies


unbelievable but true: this ‘STANG is made of paper by genius artist JONATHAN BRAND. the project is called “ONE PIECE AT A TIME” as an od to the JOHNNY CASH song about a detroit assembly line worker who dreams of someday owning one of the CADILLAC’s he assembles and decides to steal one, one piece at a time and reassemble it. Some possessions prove sentimental and priceless,  and having to give them up doesn’t bear thinking about.

BRAND had to sell his beloved FORD MUSTANG to buy a diamond engagement ring. although he sold the car he didn’t give up on the idea of owning a MUSTANG and instead set out to make his own. out of paper. the result is one of the most innovative pieces of artwork around. BRAND, who decided that a home-made FORD MUSTANG would be better than no FORD MUSTANG, while still providing enough cash to buy a diamond ring. BRAND’s replica is a full-sized model and it’s made entirely out of paper,  and printed using an inkjet printer. every detail – from the wings,  to the bonnet,  to the wheels – even the inside of the car,  including the seats and doors – are made out of the stuff. BRAND has also constructed a paper engine for his MUSTANG, showing off an incredible attention to detail. according to BRAND the car was made using a mixture of old photographs and memories with no access to dimensions or technical drawings making the details even more incredible. BRAND describes the process as a 3D jigsaw,  “I then cut, fold and glue these numbered and labeled shapes together much like a complicated three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle”. for more infos and check BRAND’s site – it will be worthwhile! such a great work, by a unique artist! love it! and if you look at the pics never forget that all pieces are made of PAPER – just of paper … pics | by Laura DeSantis-Olsson | text extracts from HUMAN INVENT

the sold 1969 MUSTANG


damn, time is running. hearing yesterday some old sounds from the 80s – THE CULT, KILLING JOKE, THE MISSION, THE GUN CLUB … – i remembered me one of my absolute favorite bands: WALL OF VOODOO from hollywood, usa. i saw the band during the 80s several times before they splitt. maybe some folks still now first WOV singer STAN RIDGWAY who did a solo carrier after leaving WOV in 1985. he was followed by ANDY PRIEBOY. i just own one CD of WOV, their most popular one: CALL OF THE WEST. so i tried to get the rest but i had no success. hard to find anything and unbelievable: SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYTOWN from 1989 costs 63 euros. so i ordered a “best of” at CD.UNIVERSE. WOV where really progressive for their time. so they covered RING OF FIRE from Cash in the 80 s when no one wanted to hear something from big JC. it is told that CASH loved this cover version very much. especially the first 2 releases inspired me with great sound combinations from western guitars over stumble synthesizers and drum machines combined with real drums to STAN’S pure american slang – crazy, and i still love it.

Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio von Kanun

Wall Of Voodoo – Far Side Of Crazy von EMI_Music

without STAN RIDGWAY … 


years ago i bought an ELVIS HeadHood. i think it is 3 or 4 years ago, i found their stuff. i ordered one for OLLI THE BARBER, one of the biggest ELVIS fans i know, one for me and an AUDREY HEPBURN for my wife. since this time i never heard again from NY’s HeadHood till last friday: i got a newsletter with new styles. indeed there are some great new designs like JOHNNY CASH and OBAMA or the SKULL with the HeadHood cap but i missed ELVIS in the collection. anyway HeadHoods is a great idea and believe me, when i wear my ELVIS hood it is always an eyecatcher. have fun checking their site! pics | HeadHood