damn, i do not know which pics i shall show in this blog post: so wonderful, so awesome, so unique – so many galleries. TROY PAIVA is presenting his work at lostamerica.com , beside he offers there workshops in “NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY / LIGHT PAINTING”. here some informations about TROY (by lightpaintingphotography.com): “Light painting photographer Troy Paiva has been capturing night imagery since 1989. He considers himself an “Urban Explorer” and says that his light painting photography is a byproduct of his passion for investigating the ruins of “Lost America”. Troy spends much of his time alone in the middle of nowhere, photographing abandon building and places that America has lost to time. The sense of isolation and loneliness draws Troy to these locations, he says  “I love the surreal feeling of wandering through an abandoned subdivision, alone, in the middle of nowhere,  in the middle of the night. Your senses become heightened and you feel the weight of time.” Troy has written a book about his time spent light painting in these forgotten places called Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration.” me, i did not think about night photographing in the past. if i had to do a photo in the dark i usually used a flash or a stand, sometimes both and that’s all. when we had a shooting, the photographer had to know what to do. but creating art while taking photos in the dark? unusual idea, great idea. i am fascinated by the technique and the results. please check TROY’s site and take a look at the wide range of his work – getting hooked … pics | Troy Paiva

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