yesterday morning i visited my buddy KLAUS, owner of VOLLS shop, darmstadt, germany, and it is always nice to have a change in an exhausting working week, even it is only about an hour. speaking about local news, upcoming collections and checking some stuff arrived the last days. one of my actual new favorites KLAUS got these days: MERZ B. SCHWANEN. really great stuff – you feel the passion and heritage the makers put in the pieces when you touch it, see it and feel it by wearing. and beside me my wife loves it, too. another highlight yesterday where some extraordinary pieces from EDWIN OVERWORKING. pretty nice and extremely exclusive but damn expensive. KLAUS is heavy working on his online shop update for S/S 2012 while is waiting for more new stuff to come from ENGINEERED GARMENTS, POST OVERALLS, ALDEN, and and and. what a pitty, half an hour later when i left KLAUS the new LEVIS VINTAGE CLOTHING stuff arrived. yep, another reason to come back soon next week. i will keep you updated for the online shop update. pics | LTG

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