this is something straight from the heart! this something about why doing a blog is often so great!

on the 5th of april 2011 i did a post about the upcoming bike film “CLOSER TO THE EDGE”, a documentary about the TOURIST TROPHY on the ISLE OF MAN. my buddy VOLKER WIEGMANN from great blog send this post to his friend RON because he lives on the ISLE OF MAN. RON isn’t only a great PANERAI fan but also very interested in boots, denim and all the other things we love. so he is a visitor of LIFE TIME GEAR from this day on. and what a surprise he send me an awesome ISLE OF MAN TT 2011 100 anniversary shirt. we got in contact and i wanted to do a post about RON and the little story we had together, but then something worst happend: i lost all my email data and much more in big computer crash. about this the post got forgoten – shame about me! but this year we met again @ the RED WING OWNERS CLUB site on FACEBOOK and so i contacted OLVER WENKEL another buddy of RON, VOLKER and me and i asked him meeky if he could ask RON for resending me the mail stuff from 2011, and he did. there wasn’t any problem. and now the post is written … here the trailer of CLOSER TO THE EDGE and some great pics done by RON. and RON, what’s about your boot collection? send me some pics to do a nice portrait of you and your boots – you’re welcome! pics | RON WELLDON, LTG _ vid | cinemanx 

the TT 2012 will be from the 26TH of may till the 8TH of june. for more information check the official TT site.

this is RON … his PAM and his arm …

the shirt … my shirt …

pics from TT2011 by RON

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