again: living in a small word. two weeks ago another package from japan arrived. send by my friend NEKO, my personal “FREE & EASY” dealer. this friendship is a result of an ebay deal not from blogging. great. just because of NEKO i knew that F&E did 2 new special issues: COWBOY & INDIAN and WILD & GENTLE COUNTRY CLUB. she send them with my F&E april and may issues. and beside the obligatory very informative newsletter NEKO send me a present and made me a really big surprise: from the phantastic RUGGED FACTORY she gave me a HAV-A-HANK bandana. thank you so much for this! a great idea – i will use it for sure. now i am little bit ashamed that i did not open the parcel 2 weeks ago when it arrived. but you must know, when i got my magazines from japan i need some time. because after holding the mags in my hand the next hours are gone. me i am gone … not reachable for anyone, just looking and reading. reading? ok, some headlines are written in english, but: pics say often more than words … so i go, i am gone ……………. pics | LTG


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