these boots are for the working cowboy. perfect for me as a graphic designer “HO, HO, HO, HO, …” yes indeed, this boots are not only made for walking, riding and work on a ranch, but for wearing them the whole day whatever you do, even in the office – they are so comfortable i can’t explain in words. okay, i took them in a 10 with a double E width, but that was a, in german we say, “Notlösung” emergency solution sounds so stupid, because i could not get the boots in another size. but they fit. in cowboy and western boots i always wear an american 1/2 size bigger than in work boots. i just found one dealer in europe selling RIOS OF MERCEDES boots – GOMEIR’S world of saddles – and i did not want to pay so much customs getting these from the states. and besides i did not found especially this kind of boot with a white big creep sole at any shop around the world. i discovered the label on . RIOS OF MERCEDES boots are handmade since 1853 in texas, usa, and well-known for their high quality and durability. especially my boots have wonderful extraordinary modern stichings combined with classic ones – nice contrasts! i love the toes staring at the sky … great uncommon cowboy boots. and the best: they are very hard to get – no, you will not get these anymore! game over.
date of buying | new autumn 2009 
size | 10 EE
height | 11 inch
leather | peanut bull leather
pull loops | yes
sole | extra high crepe 
heel height | standard #2
toe design | square toe
insole | leather with cushioned footbed
welt | leather welt
welt stitch | double
steel toe | NO
category | classic work western boot
made in TEXAS, USA pics | LTG

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