today is the day: HERTHA BSC BERLIN vs. FORTUNA DUESSELDORF. first play off of two matches in berlin: who will play german 1. BUNDESLIGA 2012/13? next tuesday there will be the second play off in DUESSELDORF at the rhein river. why this post? nor i am a FORTUNA fan neither i am a TOTEN HOSEN fan. my football heart belongs to FC KAISERSLAUTERN – forever and ever – and the time i went to TOTEN HOSEN concerts is long ago. about 30 years ago i joined the first gig when they published OPEL GANG. at this time they drove with their old OPEL BLITZ tourbus to their concerts … long time ago – time is running. damn, this music was new for me as a 15 years young boy in the early 80ies: german punk – fast, dirty, uncomplicated, fun, singing, drinking. and i always loved the affinity of the band to soccer and their view about f***ing BAYERN MUENCHEN. about 20 years ago i bought the last album of the band but one week ago i took a peak at last friday published “BALLAST DER REPUBLIK”. 30 years DIE TOTEN HOSEN – unbelievable. there are a lot of songs full of nostalgia that reminds me my youth. greatest song: ALTES FIEBER. perfect text – i often feel the same – listen below. but for this evening: FORTUNA GO! show the HAUPTSTADT how soccer works! you’ll never walk alone. pics & vids | Die Toten Hosen, LTG

2001 Campino with  FORTUNA player

 great shirt. available at the TOTEN HOSEN shop. my sun levi is wearing it with pride!

DTH 1987 in Fulda at the “KREUZ”. the first time i saw them live. 12,– DM. they came with their rugged OPEL BLITZ.

this OPEL GANG video could not be from 1980. the earliest time could be 1982.

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