this was an exciting weekend at my hometown FULDA with my parents and my brother’s family: the celebration of my father’s birthday, intensive hiking, watching the champions legue final match and driving the CHEVROLET CAMARO for one day. the white beast was organized by my brother FABIAN who is working at a big GM dealer in FULDA selling CHEVROLET and OPEL: OPEL FAHR. thanks again for this. i have had a lot of fun with this new generation muscle car. damn, too much fun – won’t giving the keys back. but the CAMARO is everything but practical and expensive too. petrol runs through, but the sound and the power will let forget you this. and this is the tragic and danger: you won’t get out of this 408 ps streetfighter. i am not a fan of convertible cars but with the CAMARO it makes sense: the sound of the engine will rush unfiltered to your ears – danger of addiction guaranteed! and the one i drove is the last to get for 2012 from the dealer my brother works. the CAMARO ist sold out official at GM dealers for 2012. there are just 1.000 pieces built each year. maybe someone will buy this one soon so i don’t have to speculate buying this one any more … bad pics | LTG

my brother FABIAN

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