S U M M E R T I M E ! in february i did a first post about REYN SPOONER HAWAII SHIRTS when presenting AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION. UWE gave me some time ago three shirts. and now these shirts are tested by 30°C outside in the shadow and i must tell you: just perfect to wear, lightweight, fresh looking with an old school touch, no sweating – i love it. and believe me, there is really a great difference in the performance of a real hawaiian shirt or a a wanna be indeed! here again the significant characteristics of an authentic hawaiian shirt made by REYN SPOONER:

_ the shirt has to be a straight seam with side vents; not round like shirts worn into a trouser
_ pockets that do not break into the pattern design
_ POP OVER or PULL OVER cut for pulling over the head
_ REVERSE PRIN. this means that the shirt is printed inside. so the pattern is not so expressive and looks smarter. a look like bleached from the sun and the saltwater
aloha. pics | LTG

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