and there is much much more great stuff than these awesome fishing hook cuffs and anchor bracelets. i discovered MIANSAI somewhere in an online shop some days ago – i think it was at J. CREW. MICHAEL SAIGER is designer and creator of MIANSAI – he is 23 years young. the handmade stuff he designs and creates is inspired by his childhood memories of the beaches of new england, by marine and fishing tools. “his earliest and most memorable influences ranged from old knives and BB guns to INDIAN motorcycle parts and a helicopter propeller.” his collections seem to be successful in the states and so he went up f.ex. with WGACA, BURKMAN BROS. and THE SURF LODGE. and check the 2 videos: they show how some hooks are made in fast motion – nice!  all pics | © Michale Saiger

Michael Saiger

Minsai Design Studio

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